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Punta Gorda in Bloom
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                    Healing in the Park

If you have any doubt that communing with nature can heal body and soul, then you need to talk to Patty and Don Lechner. This local couple has endured more than their share of health challenges. Patty has MS. Don was hospitalized with Covid at one point and not expected to survive the night. With Don miraculously recovering and Patty dealing with her ongoing MS related difficulties, their visits to the

Nature Park increased. Recently, Green Thumb volunteer Marilyn Larkin was watering plants in

the park when she was approached by Patty, who wanted to offer thanks for all the beautification that the Green Thumbs make possible. Patty tearfully shared just how much the park has meant to them. “We visit almost every day. We feel a peaceful energy here and are so grateful for the healing impact it’s had.”

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Nature Park the Perfect Place for Inspiration


Local artists spend some time relaxing as they capture the beauty of Nature Park.  Every day provides a different scene with new blooms to enjoy.

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Nature Park is the Perfect Place to Have Your

Outdoor Meeting


Recognizing that many types of meetings, both formal and informal, have been curtailed due to virus considerations, we remind you that an outdoor venue like the park can be a welcome alternative space.

Of course, we encourage you to follow all CDC and State guidelines about group size, social distancing and potential use of masks, which are factors to consider even outdoors. You may wish to bring portable chairs in order to spread out.

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