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The Nature Park

The area of Nature Park totals 24 acres. Of that, about five acres have been developed into landscaped areas.  The rest remains forever wild with native vegetation. The gardens consist of two approximately equal areas surrounding the city firehouse - East and West.


Enjoy beautiful plants throughout the park, with specific examples evolving over time.

On The West Side

On The East Side


Bromeliad beds at the entrance

Florida Longleaf Pine

NP 02.26.21.jpg
Park long view from succ bed.JPG

Our succulent bed

Florida Cracker Rose Bed

NP 10.09.20.jpg
NP 12.11.20.jpg

Kiosk at our entrance

Potted Supertunias 

20210615_103127 (1).jpeg
rs=w_1440,h_1440 (1).webp

Two of our 13 Topiaries 

Belinda's Dream Rose

Belinda's Dream.jpg

Newest Development - The Serenity Garden, completed in 2023 after several years in design and development

Serenity 8-19-23.jpg
Future Serenity (3).JPG
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